Free Amazing Grotesk font

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1. amazing-grotesk.demibold-italic.otf 115 Kb Amazing Grotesk
2. amazing-grotesk.demibold.otf 129 Kb Amazing Grotesk
3. amazing-grotesk.italic.otf 109 Kb Amazing Grotesk
4. amazing-grotesk.light-italic.otf 124 Kb Amazing Grotesk
5. amazing-grotesk.light.otf 141 Kb Amazing Grotesk
6. amazing-grotesk.regular.otf 145 Kb Amazing Grotesk
7. amazing-grotesk.ultra-italic.otf 88 Kb Amazing Grotesk
8. amazing-grotesk.ultra.otf 111 Kb Amazing Grotesk
9. license.pdf 138 Kb


The word Grotesque, or Grotesk in German, is frequently used as a synonym for sans-serif in typography. More precisely, it’s often used (along with “Neo-Grotesque”, “Humanist”, “Lineal”, and “Geometric”) to describe a particular style or subset of sans- serif typefaces. Amazing Grotesk, being a slab serif font with a semi-sans lowercase, it’s not a sans serif font.

This font is for PERSONAL USE ONLY! For commercial licence please visit our site. More info on our licencing here.

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